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About Me

What's up Everybody! My name is Andrew Eng, and for the past 13 years, I have been obsessed with one thing, how can we live a pain-free life?

As an Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, and Self Healing Instructor, I have a deep passion and respect for the Healing Arts. I have seen the power and transformative potential in mind, body, and spirit. I've learned a lot so far on this endless healing journey, but it wasn't always like this. 

My Healing Journey began when I was 19 years old. I was full of painful injuries and chronic pain from training Parkour, Freerunning, and Martial Arts Tricking, which is a form of acrobatics. I didn't know anything at the time about Self Healing, body mechanics, or strategies for health and longevity.

I got to the point where my knees buckled, I couldn't put any pressure on my wrists, and the pain in my neck kept me from falling asleep at night. I had a choice to make that would dramatically alter the course for the rest of my life. I could either quit training the activities that I loved so much, or I could figure out a way to heal myself.

Through countless hours of self healing and personal discovery, I was able to heal most of my injuries on my own, with some guidance from some great mentors and trying out different combinations of healing modalities. I took what I learned, and refined the techniques through going to Massage Therapy school, where I focused on Deep Tissue Massage, Anatomy, and Kinesiology. Further influence came from my graduate studies at Yo San University, school for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along the way, I learned the ancient energy cultivation practice of Qi Gong, and was initiated into the 3 levels of Reiki.

My Mission in Life is to help people heal themselves, find freedom in body, mind, and spirit, and live Life to its fullest potential.

Education and Certifications

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Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yo San University: 2015-2019

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Deep Tissue Massage/Anatomy and Kinesiology

Hands on Healing Institute: 2013-2014

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Level 3 Reiki and Medical Qi Gong

I was attuned to Reiki by Master Jeffrey Cleary, and I studied Qi Gong with Grandmaster Douglas Wong.

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My Philosophy

I believe that the Power of Healing belongs in the hands of the people. As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I vow to both help people heal from pain and illness in as natural of a method possible, as well as educate my patients in the Self Healing Arts. 

How I heal someone is the same way I teach them how to heal themselves. By getting a treatment from me, you are getting a look into what is possible in your own Self Healing practice. By healing yourself in between sessions, our treatments will be more effective and last longer, because we won't be working on the same thing each week! It's just like when you go to take a class. If you study and practice what you learned in between lessons, the next time you go back will be better! It's win/win for both sides.

Join me in the Self Healing Revolution! A shift in culture where all people are Empowered with the knowledge of Self Healing, and have access to natural forms of Healthcare that have minimal, if any, side effects.

- Andrew Eng, L.Ac

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